Pursch Artistes

Lindsay Schaal | Hayley Cunningham

Cape Town
South Africa


 +27 21 418 1144

Thomsen Actors

Justine Klapproth


 +49 211 44 07 39-0
Agency Germany

I started working as an actress out of my pure love of the arts. I believe in extensive preparations for a role and fill myself up with as much history of the character as I can. 
I first developed interest in acting at the age of six after watching a fairy tale on television. Being part of amateur groups I participated in stage shows at a local youth theatre in Merseburg, where I was born. At the age of seven I made my first stage appearance as "the good bird" in a local christmas-theatre-production of the Merseburger Schlossgartensalon.
In 2015 I decided to make acting part of my 
professional career. Since then, I have been making appearances on both international and local screens, working hard to develop my skills with each passing day. Contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together.